The Story Behind the Logo

Have you ever caught yourself admiring a creative, fun, or entertaining logo, and wondered what was the story behind that logo?   I know I have!

Since my logo/business name (Penelope's Portfolio) is clearly different from my personal name, (Jennifer), which can lead to questions, I thought I would share the story behind my logo.  I am linking up with Jenny from Art With Jenny K. to do just that!  Thanks Jenny!

About 2 years ago, my family was clearly outgrowing it's small sized SUV.  So when it was time to upgrade to something a little more roomy, I did some research and was able to find a larger SUV that suited our needs.  When I first met this beauty, she was oh so pretty, shiny and black.  I have always named my cars, as they are clearly part of the family.   She was no different.  I named her Calliope.  I sat with that name for about a week, I even shared a picture of the good news with my friends and family.  Here is that picture...

The name Calliope just didn't fit her personality.  I tried to make it work, but it was just wrong.  Then, I realized her true name.  It was Penelope of course!   Maybe I was influenced by the sentimental attachment to one of my first baby dolls I had as a child, named Penelope?  Or maybe, it was just meant to be?

Fast forward about a year.  I heard about Teachers Pay Teachers, and started researching/learning all about it.  Teaching myself basic graphic design, and focusing on education, psychology, and parenting tips were speaking to me a really BIG way.  I knew I needed to tie all of this together, so I started this blog, my store, my materials, and fell in love with all of it.

While in the research stage, I was focused on raising my three little ones at home.  My youngest at the time, was proving to be a "mommy's girl" in a big way!  I didn't want to ignore her while being focused on my computer when she really needed me.  My children were/are my first priority of course.  Therefore I needed to be able to work out of the house for some period of time each week, so that my time spent at home would be devoted to my children.   During my dedicated work hours, I would hop in Penelope and hit the road.  Sometimes Penelope would take me to the local coffee shop and wait outside for me to work.  Sometimes, she would take me to a park or nature area, provide me with cool air, an outlet to plug my devices into, and I would work that way.  My computer, notebook, papers, and all things work related would be spread out all over Penelope's dashboard and seats.  It occurred to me that Penelope was very much a part of the birth of my business.  Therefore, it seemed only fitting to me that this was her work, my work, our work.  This was our portfolio.  And that is how Penelope's Portfolio was born!  Silly, sweet, sentimental or not, that is the story behind my logo.

I taught myself very basic clip art techniques and designed the logo myself.  There were a few different versions/looks to start with, and this is what I ended up with...

That is the story behind my logo!  Do you have a logo?  If so, what is your story?

I encourage others to head on over to Art With Jenny K. to read about the stories of other logos too.


  1. Oh how fun to read the story behind your logo! (And I love that the cute little blonde in your logo looks just like you!) I am SO glad you linked up and shared!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader

    1. Thanks! It was fun for me to write about the story behind my logo. I enjoyed creating the blonde gal too. I only wish that I could look as put together as she does! ;) It has been interesting to read about the stories behind the logos of others too. I encourage others to head over to Art With Jenny K. and read the stories of others too.

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