7 Reasons to Start A Blog

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Are you considering starting a blog?

Are you intrigued by the idea, but not sure if it is for you?  Yes, blogging is time consuming and there is a bit of a learning curve for the newbies, (myself included!)  But isn't it true that most things that require a good amount of (mental) energy and effort are rewarding and worth the pain?  I do believe so!

So, why should you write a blog?

1.  It's FUN!  It's Your PASSION!
This is my #1 reason to start a blog.  I strongly believe that as long as you love what you do, you will be successful, (remember there is more than one way to measure success).  If you aren't passionate about something, either find a way to enjoy it, or stop wasting your time and energy doing something that doesn't speak to you.  If you LOVE what you do, you won't be able to get enough of it.  It won't be a chore, it will be a pleasure.  Therefore, find something that speaks to you and blog about it.  You have something to say, and the world wants to hear you.

2.  It Can Be a Creative Outlet
I have had soooo much fun setting up this blog.  I have spent a lot of time designing buttons, creating the look/feel of the page, choosing colors, and learning new programs to create and design backgrounds, clipart, etc.  I feel like I have become a sponge absorbing creative information anywhere I can get and I am loving it!  Furthermore, your written creative expression skills will soar. 

3. You Can Make Money Blogging  
That's right!  You can generate money through advertising and other income related activities.  Some ways to make money include:  writing reviews, writing e-books, adding a donation button to your blog, or through marketing and promotion strategies.  And, it most certainly can't hurt your resume!

4.  You Connect to People
You will find and relate to other like-minded people.  You can meet these people through social media, by commenting on their blogs, from people commenting on your blogs, and by joining online communities.  It can also be used as a way to stay connected to friends and family as they may follow you and your blog. 

5.  Your Skills Will Improve
In order to be a good blogger, you may want to research your material.  You may even start looking at the world differently.  You will find meaningful experiences in places that were once not meaningful to you.  You will see the world in a deeper way, and strive to be a more active and knowledgeable person.  As a result, you will become a better writer and thinker.  You may even become an expert in your field and gain recognition.  Ultimately, you will establish credibility within your field.  

6.  You Will Help Others 
The tips and information shared on your blog will help others.  Whether it is a parenting tip, health related piece of information, financial advice, recipe shared, or other, someone will benefit from your blog.  Your posts may also inspire others to do something outside of their comfort zone, or start a blog of their own. 

7.  You Will Express Yourself 
Consider your blog your personal journal and give yourself permission to freely express yourself, (in an appropriate and polite manner, of course!)  These are your thoughts and opinions and you should be heard. 

Happy Blogging! 

Here is my YouTube video on the 7 reasons to start a blog... 

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