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I’m Jennifer.  My most important role and job is being a mother to three cute munchkins.  Brayden, age 9, (aka Lovebug) is sweet and generous.  Ava-Rose, age 7, (aka Butterfly) is a good listener and great dancer.  They are each others best friends mixed in with a daily side of irritation and instigation.  Maya, age 4, (aka Panda Bear) is deliciously silly and quickly learning that following around, mimicking, and playing with her older siblings is SUPER fun!   And here we are...

My background is in Education and Psychology as I obtain a BA in Psychology, CA Teaching Credential, and MA in Education.  In these fields, I have worked as an Elementary School Teacher, a Parent Educator Counselor, and have managed a non-profit program supporting adults with special needs.  My work has always focused on character education/social skills.  Therefore, teaching social skills, while creating a peaceful environment has always been a passion of mine.  

I have consistently been drawn to design from a young age.  As an adult, I love planning parties, decorating my home, and creating various fun projects.  DELISH!  Therefore, I will do my best to beautify my materials, blog, parties, and whatever I can get my hands on, (while sharing tips along the way).  

I have found my passion.  I love creating and designing resources that may be used by teachers, school counselors, parents, social workers, speech therapists, and other specialists when working with children.  I love sharing parenting, teaching, classroom management, social skills and character education tips with you.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I can truly say that I love what I do.  Thank you for letting me share my passion with you.

So why did I name my blog/business Penelope’s Portfolio when my name is Jennifer?  My beautiful shiny black SUV is named Penelope and she was very much involved in this calling of mine from the start.  You see, when I started this business, my children would have loved to have had my full attention 110% of the time.  While I do put them first, and spend most of my time with them, it made working out of my home a bit of a challenge for me.  Therefore, Penelope and I would hit the road and get to work designing whatever we saw fit, while making teaching materials along the way.  Therefore, Penelope played an important role in the birth of my business, and this is our portfolio. 

Welcome to it!

To read more about the story behind my logo, click here...  The Story Behind My Logo

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