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I finished it!  My first digital teaching product has been completed and uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  When I taught first grade, I loved having my students create "Student of the Week" posters.  I gave them lots of ideas of what to include on their poster, and didn't put any limitations on their products, as I really wanted their creativity to soar.  I remember one student decorated his poster with Christmas lights!  My students' posters were quite magnificent and displayed on a bulletin board for an entire week.  Each child had a turn sharing their poster and being the "Star Student" for that week.  I LOVED seeing their faces beam with excitement when sharing their posters.

I recognize that not every student/parent/teacher has access to fancy supplies and materials when making an All About Me poster, so I figured I would make color and black and white templates for teachers or parents to download for free.  They can be printed on standard sized paper, or you can play around with the size.  My 5 and 7 year old children filled one out for fun and I plan to keep them in their childhood keepsake boxes. 

I have included an All About My Friend printable, as a part of this free packet, which is also a part of my Friendliness Packet  In addition, this product now includes 2 different All About Me versions.   

All About Me Free Teaching Printable

All About Me Printable in Color

All About My Friend Printable in Color

All About Me Printable - alternative version

They also come in black and white, and you can download them directly here...

Thank you and Enjoy!


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