Crucial Chore Charts That Will Motivate Any Kid!

Are your kids in need of structure?  Charts may be the answer!

Behavior or Chore Charts for Kids

I was motivated to make these charts when Summer arrived and I realized my kids could use a bit more of structure in their routine.  I added some of our personal activities to the bottom of this Responsibility Chart and it's been working great!

My Responsibility Chart

The Responsibility Chart worked out so nicely, I figured why stop there?!  So, I just kept making charts, and here they are....

My Good Behavior Chart  


My Healthy Habits Charts

My Manners Chart

My Chore Chart

My Getting Ready for School Chart

They also come in black and white to save on ink!

Manners, Healthy Habits, Chores, Getting Reading for School, Resonsibility, and Good Behavior Charts

Most charts include extra space at the bottom to write in extra chores. These charts are great for teachers, parents, and kids. Teachers can use them in the classroom or send them home to parents as needed and incorporate them into Character Education.  The best part about them is...they are FREE!!!  Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to download them for free.


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