Five for Friday: #1

This is my first time ever linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!  It is very exciting, indeed!

This was my week...

It's Monday, and we are in back in the swing of things again!  The kids have been in school for a few weeks now (we are on a modified traditional year round schedule).  My two oldest two are in Second, and Kindergarten this year.  Their 2 year old sister couldn't resist being a part this pic too! 

Swimming, swimming, swimming...Oh, the lovely, yet HOT Northern California weather!  Did I mention, it gets hot where I live?  Of course, having the air conditioning not currently working at our house doesn't help things!  Thank goodness for swimming!  The older two are ready to go in this pic. 

Respect Teaching Packet

I was able to create and upload a new teaching material packet on Wednesday.  Hip Hip Hooray!  It focuses on RESPECT and can be viewed at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  It is filled with printables, teaching suggestions, awards, and posters.

On Thursday, I had an appointment for my oldest, and as a result I got some one on one time with my sweet kiddo!  Having three little ones, sure does keep me busy, so I treasure the quiet moments I get from time to time with just one kiddo.  Connection and communication are key.  I'm so glad I had this time to hear all about my son's world, and to connect with him.  It's so good for our souls.

My hubby's car needed a few repairs, so I volunteered to take the car to the shop for some alone time!  I brought my computer with me and was able to do a bit of "fun" work while the car got repaired.  Is it weird that I volunteer for the job of taking the car to the shop every time?!  Proof, that breaks without kids really do recharge a mama's soul.  I recommend all parents take advantage of alone time whenever possible.

And that was my Five for Friday week!

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