Monday, June 8, 2015

Character Education Posters

Character Education Posters are up! 

I made 65 color and 65 black and white (to save ink) versions. Each poster defines a virtue and provides a few examples. These are great for home or classroom use. They can be downloaded and printed from your computer.

Teaching Suggestion-Focus on one virtue per week.  Each day during your morning meeting, (or when you choose), discuss this virtue and poster.  Each day of that week, do an activity or read a book to deepen the virtue meaning.  At the end of the week, present a corresponding award to the student who has exhibited that virtue well.  Visit my store to purchase supplemental activities and awards.

*These posters were revised on February 20, 2016.  Please re-download to get the most recent version if you own this product.

Here are a few examples...

Click on a poster to see full product description and purchase them at my Teacher Pay Teachers Store.

Thanks for viewing!

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