The Ultimate Collection of Character Education Posters

Character Education Posters are up! 

I made 70 color and 70 black and white (to save ink) versions. Each poster defines a virtue and provides a few examples. These are great for home or classroom use. They can be downloaded and printed from your computer.

Teaching Suggestion-Focus on one virtue per week.  Each day during your morning meeting, (or when you choose), discuss this virtue and poster.  Each day of that week, do an activity or read a book to deepen the virtue meaning.  At the end of the week, present a corresponding award to the student who has exhibited that virtue well.  Visit my store to purchase supplemental activities and awards.

*These posters were revised on June 21, 2017.  Please re-download to get the most recent version if you own this product.

Here is a list of all the posters included:

  1. Accomplishment
  2. Appreciation
  3. Attentiveness
  4. Availability
  5. Caring
  6. Cheerfulness
  7. Cleanliness
  8. Commitment
  9. Compassion
  10. Concern
  11. Confidence
  12. Consideration
  13. Consistency
  14. Contentment
  15. Cooperation
  16. Courage
  17. Courtesy
  18. Creativity
  19. Decisiveness
  20. Dependability
  21. Determination
  22. Diligence
  23. Efficiency
  24. Empathy
  25. Equitableness
  26. Fairness
  27. Fearlessness
  28. Flexibility
  29. Forgiveness
  30. Friendliness
  31. Generosity
  32. Gentleness
  33. Genuine
  34. Good Citizen
  35. Good Judgement
  36. Gratitude
  37. Hard Work
  38. Helpfulness
  39. Honesty
  40. Humble
  41. Humility
  42. Humor
  43. Inclusiveness
  44. Initiative
  45. Integrity
  46. Kindness
  47. Listening
  48. Loyalty
  49. Motivation
  50. Optimism
  51. Organization
  52. Patience
  53. Patriotism
  54. Peacefulness
  55. Perseverance
  56. Politeness
  57. Productivity
  58. Punctuality
  59. Resourcefulness
  60. Respect
  61. Responsibility
  62. Self-Control
  63. Self-Respect
  64. Sharing
  65. Sincerity
  66. Sportsmanship
  67. Tactfulness
  68. Thoroughness
  69. Tolerance
  70. Trustworthiness

70 Character Education - Social Skills Posters

Here are a few examples...

The Availability Poster

The Cooperation Poster

The Caring Poster

Click on a poster to see full product description and purchase them at my Teacher Pay Teachers Store.

Thanks for viewing!


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