It's Summer and Mama NEEDS Peace and Quiet!

Colorful Peace Sign

Summer is here, and that means that my (and many other) children are out of school.  Each Summer, I daydream about how nice it will be to sleep in and spend relaxing days with my kids.  That's a nice thought, but it rarely seems to

70 Epic Character Education Awards!

Who do I think I am?  Did I seriously just create and upload two HUGE teaching packets in the same day?  GO ME!  Truthfully, I have been working on these packets for quite some time.  A lot of work has gone into making them.  Nonetheless, I am proud that I was able to complete and upload them both in the same day.  The Character Education Awards Packet and The Character Education Awards and Poster Packet (see previous post) are both up! 

140 Character Education Awards and Posters

Three Cheers!   I finally did it!  140 End of the Year Awards and Posters are made!  All posters and awards focus on Character Education.  That was quite a project, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.  They come in color and in black and white versions, (to save on ink).

The Ultimate Collection of Character Education Posters

Character Education Posters are up! 

I made 70 color and 70 black and white (to save ink) versions. Each poster defines a virtue and provides a few examples. These are great for home or classroom use. They can be downloaded and printed from your computer.