PowerPoint Clip Art Tutorial

How to Make a Peace Sign Clip Art Image in PowerPoint


Colorful Peace Sign Clipart Image


I love, love, love to design!  Have I mentioned that I love to design?  My background is Education, Psychology, and Social Work.  But, on the side, I have always LOVED anything to do with design.  From designing my house, to making invitations, cards, posters, scrapbooks, to designing parties...
I have loved it all.  When I decided to become a Blogger and Author of Teaching Resources, I became super excited!  Why?  Well, of course because I get to design!  I have secretly wanted to become a Graphic Designer in addition to a Teacher Author, for some quite time, and perhaps someday, this designing lady will walk that road.  In the meantime, I will keep designing for fun and learning along the way.

I designed this blog myself, which includes creating the overall look and feel of the blog, making the header and images, creating the social media buttons, and so on.  As I have little experience with blog design, I read and watched a lot of tutorials, and got to work.  I had a blast designing this blog and I didn't really want to stop there, so I decided to focus on learning some more basic clip art techniques.  As like most Teacher Authors, I use PowerPoint to create my teaching materials.  Since I am familiar using it, I decided to start there when learning how to create basic clip art.  I'm sure some day, I'll venture out into using other programs, but for now, I'm going to keep things simple.

If you have little graphic design experience, but are a:
  • Person who loves designing the look and feel of a party
  • Person who gets a little too excited about making their annual holiday greeting card
  • Person who has made their own business cards, just because...
  • Person who likes to scrapbook
  • Person who couldn't get enough of designing their wedding
  • Person who loves putting together clothing outfits
  • TpT Seller or Author of Teaching Resources
  • Photographer
  • Blogger
  • Person who LOVES to design anything
  • Person who isn't particularly interested in design, but wants to learn basic clip art
 ...then, this is a tutorial meant for you....

Here is my YouTube Video demonstrating how to make a basic peace sign clip art image.  I hope it helps!


  1. Nice sign! I even saw thematic templates for this on
    http://www.poweredtemplate.com. They are funny but you should try to create your own, you are doing good.

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