8 Meaningful Ways to Teach Empathy

A little girl holding a flower and smiling showing empathyEmpathy.  A good definition for kids may be the ability to understand and share the feelings of
others.  As adults, we know the importance of feeling heard and hearing others.  When we are heard by others, we feel connected and understood.  Empathy takes that one step further, as our feelings are not only heard, but also understood and shared by others.  Empathy is powerful because it can comfort, calm, and diffuse intense situations.  It helps others not to jump to conclusions and aids in people getting along.  If we can teach this skill to our children, we can create

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It's Been Quite a Summer!

Have you been enjoying your summer?  Have you been traveling?  I hope vacations, family time, and gatherings have been filling up your summer calendar.

I have been home with the kiddos, arranging play dates and fun outings here and there.  They are most excited about our upcoming annual family camping trip that will happen soon!  By the way, if you are looking for camping tips, check out these...