Managing Emotions in the Classroom

As a teacher, parent, or specialist, we've all experienced times when children are simply unable to manage big emotions.  Perhaps anxiety, a disagreement, embarrassment, or something else led a child to experience big emotions, and now we are scrambling to put out the fire.  Our heart goes out to this child as we try our best to deescalate the situation, while also maintaining our own composure and emotions.

TpT Spring Sale!

Have you heard? The Counselors of TpT are having a sale March 31st - April 1st. Many sellers are putting their entire store on sale for 20% off, including Penelope’s Portfolio.

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Hope you find some fun goodies and enjoy a fun Easter weekend!

Happy Spring!!!

Valentine's Day Contest

With TpT's Valentine's Day sale quickly approaching, I thought I would throw a contest!   The winner will receive a $10 TpT gift card and a resource of their choice (up to $10) from my store.

The directions are on this facebook post, (, and I will put them here as well.