Five for Friday: #3

This is my third time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!   I am enjoying this linky party A LOT!

I have had a fun last few weeks.  Here are five highlights...

My youngest (age 2) is finally old enough to start participating in some activities that her older sis is involved in.  I was lucky enough to find a dance class recently that allowed my youngest to join her older sister's dance class.  It's really sweet and cute to watch both of my girls dancing together!

Fairness Teaching Packet

I made another packet focusing on virtues!  Hip hip hooray!  That makes my fifth complete packet focusing on a virtue.  My goal is to make 40 more packets.  I am genuinely loving creating teaching materials focusing on character education.  I recently wrote a blog post titled, "Teaching Children to Be Fair People".  It takes a more in-depth look at fairness and can be read here.


This was a busy day!  It started out with a first haircut for my 2 year old on a weekday.  (We are on a modified year round schedule.  This means it is our Fall Break right now, and we have 2 weeks off from school).  My little one did great getting her first haircut!  After that adventure, we met up with some friends and family at a local indoor bounce house facility.  The kids has a blast playing and sliding down that super big slide!

Reward Coupons for the Classroom

I recently made these Reward Coupons.  This was one of the most fun products I have made so far!  I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with the positive behavior reward ideas, and designing these coupons.  In addition to character education, I also love classroom management, and these spoke to me in a fun and creative way.  See more details here.


My mother's neighborhood garage sale just took place, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get involved.  My kids LOVE participating in garage sales because they LOVE setting up a "lemonade" type of stand and selling goodies.  The day before the event, we baked lots of cookies and cupcakes.  The kids made the baked goods independently, (under my supervision).  I was a proud mama!  In addition to making the baked goods, this opportunity provided a great opportunity for them to learn about money, politeness, and customer service.  It was a great experience! 

And that was my Five for Friday!


  1. Fun activities and great pictures! Happy kids!

    1. Thanks Coach Christopher. I do my best to keep the activities fun and the kids happy....doesn't always happen, but happiness is a powerful medicine!

  2. Adorable kids! Thanks for sharing the fun photos!

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