Easy! 6 Steps to Make A Crayon Clock

A colorful and creative clock made out of crayons glued to to the outside of it

Who Should Check out This Tutorial?
  • A parent wanting to give their child's teacher, specialist, or other important person working with their child, a unique gift
  • Educators wanting to make a gift for a fellow educator, or wanting to add a little something extra to their own office/classroom
  • Any crafty person
  • A parent wanting to spice up the look of their child's playroom
  • Homeschooling parents wanting to kick up the look of their home-school area

Crayon Clock Tutorial
I recently came across a "crayon clock" (at least that is what I am calling it), and I immediately thought it would make a great teacher's gift.  I was inspired to make one myself.   I mean, how hard could it be?  Lucky for you and me, it was EASY!  In fact, it went so well, that I actually made three clocks for three different teachers.   Since I didn't follow a tutorial, I made it up as I went, and this is what I came up with...

Three different cute and colorful clocks made with crayons on the outside of it

*Wooden Craft Hoops
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

*Wooden Craft hoops come in a variety of sizes.  Determine the hoop size closest to the size of your clock.
*The size of the clock you use will determine the amount of crayons you need.  A 10-12 inch clock will use about 100 crayons.  If wanting to use a variety of colors, you may wish to purchase about 100 crayons to have options.

Supplies such as glue gun, glue sticks, craft hoops, and clock needed to make a crayon clock

Step 1:
Determine the craft hoop size closest to the size of your clock, and separate the two hoops that are very close together.   Determine how these hoops fit around the clock itself.   You will not need to use the other set of hoops that came with the craft hoop.

Craft hoops needed to make a crayon clock

The hoops I purchased were slightly smaller (about 1/2 inch) than the size of my actual clock.  The larger hoop was easy enough to open up and make larger by removing the hardware connected to it.  The smaller hoop did not have hardware, so I simply cut it using a sharp knife.  It could then be opened to fit around the clock.

Cutting a craft loop in order to make a crayon clock

Step 2: 
Hot glue the smaller hoop to the outside of the clock.  Hot glue the slightly larger hoop on top of the smaller hoop.  These loops make a "support wall" which the crayons lean against.  You may hot glue the hoops anywhere on the clock desired.  I chose to hot glue the hoops the width of a crayon from the edge of the clock face.

Gluing a craft loop with hot glue in preparation for crayons to be put on a crayon clock

Step 3: 
Cut the very ends of the crayons off so that only the crayon label is shown.  The glue will stick well to the paper label itself, but will somewhat melt the crayon wax.  Therefore, you want to avoid gluing the crayon wax directly, or you may end up with a messy project!

Cutting the tips off crayons that will be glues on craft hoops to make a crayon clock

Step 4: 
Determine your crayon color pattern, and make sure you have enough of what you need.

Determing a color patter of crayons to be used when making a crayon clock

Step 5: 
Glue the crayons to the support wall and to the clock.

Gluing the crayons onto the support wall of a crayon clock
Step 6: 
Gently remove any hot glue strings, and clean clock face with a household cleaner.  You are done!

Completed rainbow color pattern crayon clock pictured



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