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Inspire Children to Succeed with This Letter!

Do Your Children or Students Know How Much You Truly Care?

I think we adults, (teachers and parents) sometimes take for granted that our students and children really understand the extent of our appreciation, our genuine desire for them to succeed, and the depths of our unconditional love for them.    As parents, we hope that our children understand we are their biggest cheerleaders in life, despite our job to discipline, set boundaries, and not be their best friend.  As teachers, we feel much the same. 

6 Tips for Teaching Friendliness

Teaching Friendliness...
A boy and girl leaning against each other's backs while sitting on a play turtle at a park, and looking friendlyIs being friendly a natural or learned skill?  I would guess it to be a bit of both, to different degrees, and depending on the person, of course!  The skill of  friendliness comes naturally to some, and is a bit more of a challenge to others.  Why are some children less friendly in nature?  Having an introverted, shy personality would be one reason.  Not having good role models, or being taught this trait well are other reasons.  Perhaps, a

PowerPoint Clip Art Tutorial

How to Make a Peace Sign Clip Art Image in PowerPoint


Colorful Peace Sign Clipart Image


I love, love, love to design!  Have I mentioned that I love to design?  My background is Education, Psychology, and Social Work.  But, on the side, I have always LOVED anything to do with design.  From designing my house, to making invitations, cards, posters, scrapbooks, to designing parties...