Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere

A child's hands holding a pink rose to show kindness

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandness intention.  -Oscar Wilde

Caring, gentleness, compassion, generosity, and patience may be some words that come to mind when thinking about kindness.  Kindness may seem like such a simple and straight-forward concept, yet it may not always be an easy

Cheers to a Year Giveaway!

Congratulations Princess Netherly to one year on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Woohoo!  To celebrate Princess Netherly's success, some amazing Teacher-Authors and myself, are participating in a giveaway.  Gift cards, ($25 TpT, and $50 Target), and TpT resources/store credit may be won.

7 Super Easy Halloween Ideas!

Bottles of various sizes with fun Halloween lables on them and a skeleton in the background make this bathroom fun and spooky

Hooray!  Halloween is almost here!  Over the years, I have decorated, participated in, and enjoyed many Halloween activities.  Because time is of value, and because I work from home and take care of the needs of three little ones, my ideas and activities tend to be easy DIY.   If you are anything like me, and looking for some easy Halloween tips, give these a try...

Teaching Children to Be Fair People

Teaching Children Fairness

My mother raised her children with a strong sense of fairness and just.  As adults, my siblings and I have remarked that things don't sit right with us if an unbalance, or an injustice is felt.  Many people can relate, and yet others have