Teaching Acceptance to Children

Four children forming a circle and placing their hands together to show unity, acceptance and tolerance

Acceptance, diversity, peacefulness.  Those are some ideas I like to focus on in my life, and with my children.   Teaching acceptance and tolerance to children is important because we want them to respect the rights of others, while celebrating the

Easy! 6 Steps to Make A Crayon Clock

A colorful and creative clock made out of crayons glued to to the outside of it

Who Should Check out This Tutorial?
  • A parent wanting to give their child's teacher, specialist, or other important person working with their child, a unique gift
  • Educators wanting to make a gift for a fellow educator, or wanting to add a little something extra to their own office/classroom
  • Any crafty person
  • A parent wanting to spice up the look of their child's playroom
  • Homeschooling parents wanting to kick up the look of their home-school area